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Common Schoolyard Injuries

Common Schoolyard InjuriesNow that school has been in session for a while, and kids and parents have adjusted to new routines and schedules, everyone can sit back and relax. Right? Well, if you’re a parent, you know that it’s simply not possible to fully relax when it comes to your child’s health and safety.

Although school-related injuries are fortunately much less common than other types of accidents, they still happen. Many parents and caregivers are surprised to learn just how often schoolyard injuries occur.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), emergency rooms in the U.S. treat over 200,000 kids each year for playground-related injuries alone. This figure doesn’t even account for other injuries that can occur at school, such as assaults and sports injuries.

When a child gets hurt at school, parents don’t always know where to turn. It’s not always easy to take on an entire school system or a school board. If your child was injured at school, you need aggressive Washington, D.C. personal injury lawyers that will help you understand your rights.

Injuries That Happen at School: Who’s at Risk?

Of course, any child can get hurt at school. However, some kids have a higher risk of being involved in a schoolyard accident. The CDC reports that younger children have a higher risk of getting injured at school.

Specifically, kids between the ages of five and nine have the highest rates of ER visits among all age groups. Girls are also more likely to get hurt on the playground, with girls accounting for 55 percent of all playground-related accidents.

Slips and Falls. A slip and fall can happen just about anywhere, including the playground. When schools fail to perform regular maintenance on their grounds, including the removal of ice and snow, children can experience falls that lead to a host of injuries, including concussions and broken bones.

Playground Accidents. According to the National Program for Playground Safety at the University of Northern Iowa, 67 percent of playground accidents involve falls or equipment failure. Another seven percent occur when children collide on the playground. In many of these cases, adult supervision during recess and other play periods could have prevented serious injuries.

Assaults and Bullying. Bullying has been a problem in schools for generations, and nearly everyone has dealt with a bully at some point in life. However, assaults today can be a far cry from the playground taunts of years past. The internet and social media have even made it possible for bullies to tease and taunt their victims 24/7. When children are hurt at school due to bullying and physical assaults, the school may be liable for negligent supervision and related theories of negligence.

Sports Injuries. For many young athletes, the pressure to play prevents kids from speaking up when they have been injured during practice or at a game. According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, less than 50 percent of high school athletes report their concussions. When schools, coaches, and teachers fail to pull children from sports activities after a concussion, they can be held responsible for injuries that result.

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